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Fresno Interpreting & Translating has been providing language access services for over 20 years across the Central Valley. We are a highly experienced language access agency specializing in professional interpreting and translation services. Our areas of expertise focus on the legal, administrative hearing and medical fields. Our certified and highly qualified team of interpreters is ready to facilitate and assist with all of your language needs.

Good communication is essential for our work because we bring diverse groups of immigrants to engage in dialogues about the issues that affect their communities and what they can do to improve their lives. We have been using the services of Fresno Interpreting and Translating for more than fifteen years. Their expertise and ability of doing simultaneous translation and following professional protocols of interpreting is the main reason why we don't doubt in hiring their services for our conferences, meetings and workshops.

Myrna Martinez Nateras, Program Director
AFSC Pan Valley Institute
For more than 7 years, Children's Services Network has had the privilege of working with Fresno Interpreting & Translating. It is truly a pleasure knowing that we get the most high quality translation services in a timely manner for the major publications sent out through our agency, as well as the passion, heart and on-going commitment through AMAZING customer service and professionals! On a scale of 1 - 10 Fresno Interpreting & Translating is rated 100 in our book and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Ofelia González, Public Relations Director
Central Valley Children's Services Network
My dealings with Fresno Interpreting & Translating have been 100% positive. Translantions of recorded interviews and telephone calls in the Spanish language were returned to me in a written format which facilitated complete understanding of conversations as well as permitting me to easily use the translation for my client's benefit. Interpetation services has been reliable and of the highest quality whether at my office or in a jail setting. I recommend Fresno Interpreting & Translating without reservation.

Roger K. Litman, Certified Criminal Law Specialist
Law Office of Roger K. Litman

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